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Aside from that, if your phone gets broken, you can always buy a bad esn phone, use it for parts and fix yours.I used to almost exclusively sell cell phones and I used to sell Bad IMEI phones on eBay all the time.In the past, someone could just take a phone with a bad ESN to another CDMA carrier and use it with no problem.For spring seeded crops, using ESN means that a portion of the N will be released later in the season, closer to when the crop actually needs it.

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A phone with a bad ESN cannot be activated for use on any network, and the bad ESN can only be cleared by the original owner of the phone.

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Buyers buy a bad esn phone knowing it had a bad esn then they leave the seller negative feedback because the phone had a bad esn.ESNs, MEIDs, and IMEIs are all codes used by manufacturers and cellular carriers to uniquely identify each device.A bad ESN is a common problem for used phones, and it makes it difficult for a new owner to activate a phone.

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Similar to an ESN, a phone has a different MEID, just like every human has a different fingerprint.An electronic serial number (ESN) is a piece of information necessary for activating a phone.

Part 4: How to unlock a phone with bad ESN or blacklisted IMEI.In speaking with your carrier you should be able to resolve this if you have enough data to provide them with proof you are the owner and also.

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If your phone has a bad ESN (MEID) or IMEI, you still have several options for using or selling it.

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For example, if an iPhone blocked by Verizon, then that iPhone will not be activated on Verizon network.

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If you put your sim card into a new phone or a phone with a good esn, yes the phone will start up with your account information.

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Re: bad esn# I'd say just go return the phone and say you bought the wrong phone, 6 months means nothing, be like you bought it by mistake, I was able to return my phone after 10 months and 14 days because I kept nagging at Verizon.

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ESN is a unique identifier for certain type of cell phone equipment.

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Bad esn means that someone else cheated their carrier by not paying a bill or the phone was stolen.

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Five of the seven largest mobile service providers in the U.S. use the CDMA technology: Verizon, Sprint, MetroPCS, Cricket and U.S. Cellular.

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Hey all, I was browsing through Ebay to try and find some cheap devices.

Does that make it wrong for you to buy (assuming your not made aware of it being stolen) and clone your service into it.

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This can be due to the fact that the original owner was dissatisfied with their current carrier and switched carriers, or had a billing dispute with their carrier and canceled service without paying the early termination fee, or they got behind on their bill. The.

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To know if a device has a clean ESN number, the IMEI number should be used.

If you do, your carrier will blacklist your phone — also known as giving it a bad ESN or IMEI number.DISCLAIMER - I understand that a bad ESN means it will be Wifi-only.

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A bad ESN means the phone is linked to a past due account or has been reported lost or stolen with a wireless carrier.

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